Monday, September 16, 2013

Dental Laser Cold Sore Treatment Update

Up until a couple weeks ago I hadn't had to fight off any cold sores in about 4-5 months. I was doing well and staying healthy. Then allergy season in the Mid-West kicked me in the rear end. My immune system got low, even with my daily regimen, and I got a cold. Well that was that. A cold sore started to form on my chin of all places and it was HUGE. I started to panic at work, I was out of town and no where near my remedies. I didn't want to use my LipZor on this one. I wanted to go a different route. I called the dentist and requested a laser treatment. After all it was time to see what this cold sore laser treatment was all about.

I got in that day on my way home. The whole process lasted about 15 minutes and was not painful at all. The laser he used was pretty damn awesome if I say so myself. The area became hot as he started the treatment. His assistant cooled the area with a tube, blowing air, across the area. The only thing I felt was heat. It was in no way unpleasant. Now for the good stuff! The results. The treatment stopped the sore in its tracks. The blister was at its peak state. I honestly didn't give them anything to work with. The blister was again at its worst. The results of this cold sore laser treatment was in retrospect awesome. I would love to see what it can do on a sore that has just begun. If you have a big night out, hot date, big meeting. This is the way to go for sure, hands down. My insurance even covered the cost, had they not, it would have been $50 dollars. As for the healing, the laser did not speed it up much.. The dying off and drying out of the blister was not any quicker after scabbing. As I previously stated I had by my own admission let this blister go to far. Hope this information helps those who visit this site. Stay strong and healthy.


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